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Metadata.NSW (beta)

User Guide

The following User Guide has been created by NSW Department of Communities and Justice to assist users to navigate and use the Metadata Registry. 

It contains guidance on:

  • Signing up
  • Searching for and viewing metadata
  • Browsing data set registration and management
  • Searching for content
  • Interpreting the components of a metadata item page
  • Viewing graphs
  • Viewing related items

Download the User Guide below:


You can also access assistance from the Aristotle Metadata Knowledge Base that contains guidance on:

  1. Administrator Tasks

  2. How to add content to workgroups

  3. Creating and Editing

  4. Endorsing Metadata

  5. Finding and Viewing Metadata

  6. How to customise a registry

  7. Stewardship Tasks including Publishing Metadata

  8. Bulk Import

If further assistance is required to use the Metadata Registry please email

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