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Metadata Terms Glossary

These terms may be unfamiliar to new users of metadata. Here is a description of some of the new terms. See below for a link to these terms in Metadata.NSW.


Name Description

Business Rules


Business rules for metadata are guidelines or specifications that govern how metadata is created, managed, and used within an organisation or a specific context. These rules ensure consistency, accuracy, and relevancy of metadata, and help maintain data integrity and improve data management processes.


Controlled Vocabulary


A controlled vocabulary establishes a common language and agreed-upon terms for describing and organising information.


Data Dictionary


A data dictionary is a central repository or document that provides a comprehensive description and documentation of the data elements, attributes, and structures within a database or information system. It serves as a reference guide that defines the meaning, characteristics, and relationships of the data elements used in a particular system or database.


Data Element


A Data Element is a precise way of defining how a piece of data is recorded for a specific set of objects, using reusable metadata components. A Data Element is composed of a Data Element Concept (describing the meaning of the data) and a Value Domain (which describes how the data is recorded). 


Metadata Registry


A metadata registry (MDR) is a centralised repository or system that manages and governs metadata within an organisation or across a community. An MDR manages the semantics of data. Understanding data is fundamental to its design, harmonisation, standardisation, use, re-use, and interchange. The underlying model for an MDR is designed to capture all the basic components of the semantics of data, independent of any application or subject matter area.


Aristotle Knowledgebase


Aristotle Metadata knowledge base is where you can find all the information you need to manage your metadata better using the Aristotle Metadata Registry.

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