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Client DEX


An individual who receives a service as part of a funded activity that is expected to lead to a measurable outcome.

In the Data Exchange, clients are recorded in two different ways: individual clients and unidentified group clients.

In the FCS program, all clients will be recorded an individual clients. FCS provides face-to-face support (including online or digital interactions) where clients are known to the service. As such, no unidentified clients should be recorded for this program.

Individual clients must have a client record in the Data Exchange. Their client record stores their personal and demographic information. Their client record is attached to the cases and sessions they attend to indicate the services they received.


Recording children in the FCS program
A child is considered a client if they directly receive a service that is expected to lead to a measurable outcome. This means a child should only be attached to session if:

  • they were present while a service was being delivered or
  • the service delivered was targeted at the child


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