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Concept help - Relation

A Relation defines a relationship that can be used to link different metadata items within the registry. Each Relation can specify a number of roles that metadata can fill within the relationship.

A relation is a way of formally describing a way of linking two or more concepts beyond those specified in ISO 11179.

Tips for creating Relations


Fields available on this metadata type

Field ISO definition
Name The primary name used for human identification purposes.
Definition Representation of a concept by a descriptive statement which serves to differentiate it from related concepts. (3.2.39)
Is Federated
Is Not Federable
Version Unique version identifier of this metadata item.
References Significant documents that contributed to the development of the metadata item which were not the direct source for the metadata content.
Origin The source (e.g. document, project, discipline or model) for the item (
Comments Descriptive comments about the metadata item (
Deleted The date after which the item has been soft deleted and is no longer visible in the registry

Official Definition

Relation is a class each instance of which models a relation (3.2.119), a sense in which concepts (3.2.18) may be connected via constituent relation roles (3.2.120). ISO/IEC 11179 - Clause